Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Twenty First Century Of Fashion

Before the 20th century Paris is considered to be a center of fashion in all over the world. In 1965s many of the redical changes in fashion developed in the street of London with great designers such as Mary Quant known for launching mini skirts and shorts.At that time Paris also introduced itself as a great power in fashion mania.

James, the  young designer took step in fashion world with having the skills of luxurious ready-to-wear which were made in small quantities in limited range of size and colors. Famous dressing of this centry is to wear hats and low heel boots with short dress even they rose up the legs and reached the knee.The duration between 1900s to 2000s many well known designers offer thier best to the consumer. even that fashion world moving fastly to modren lifestyle.
Media is the main sorce to spread the new style among the people.Fashion shows were transfigurd in media nad it takes high priority in the social calender.The way in which men and women walk on ramp with the latest style also promot style in a positive position.

Japanese designers such as "Rie" offered a look which marked a total break with the prevailing fashion  image of the time.Flat shoes, no make-up, reserve, modesty, and secrecy were the hallmarks of the modren look. Fashion at the end of 20th century tackled theme that fashion had not previously embraced.These themes include rape disability and religious violence.

In the 2000s in the Pakistan industry italians fashion is unsurprisingly dominent in the twentieth century and known as the center of fashion and design.Later on designer began to adopt a more colorfull, exclussive and anti-modren look.Names and brands have became of particular importance amanog young generation.

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