Tuesday, 27 May 2014


NADIA HUSSAIN is no doubt a super model.She is a complete lady having excellence personallity. She is not only a super model infact she is  a actress, host of Pakistan fashion show and showbiz industry. NADIA HUSSAIN is a dentist by qualification and profession. She maintain her life life style in an organize way. She think that modeling is a temporary path that why she takes modeling as her second profession.

NADIA HUSSAIN proves herself responsible lady and mother. She is a mother of three children. After that she opens a salon and clinic as well. NADIA HUSSAIN participate in many fashion shows as a show stoper. This proves that she is multi talented lady. She a perfect model having all guts like  her height 5.10 feet, look and style. She make her fame in bridal shoot. She was selected as one of the Bridal Asia in India. She is well known on both national and international level. NADIA HUSSAIN is a shiny star of Pakistan fashion industry.

                 HERE IS SOME AWESOME PICS OF                                                      NADIA HUSSAIN

                        BEAUTY SALON OF NADIA HUSSAIN

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