Saturday, 17 May 2014


Fashion Priod Of Deepak Parwani

               One of the well-famous designer is DEEPAK PARWANI, he is famous for his men s clothing. He not only offers his style to men but also for women. Deepak Parwani shows his skills in mens wear like Groom Sherwani, embroidered Kurta and shirts as well as in women wear he designs the bridal wear with bridal accessories, Saries and formal wear.
Deepak Parwani is one them brilliant designer woh is realy passionate for his job. He works hard for Men s Fashion in Pakistan. He is running his own Boutique in Pakistan.In a Fashion world DEEPAK PARWANI is known by Icon. He never ever copyed the traditional fashion, rather he shows his own style. He has a aim to introduce people with sense of style and what to wear and how they should carry. 
Deepak Parwani has also participated in many different fashion shows on international level. He showed his best items in that shows. Dubai Fashion show and Zargalli Primier are the places where he make his fame. He got awards in LUX and INDUX style awards. 
The most interesting achievment in the part of fashion designer Deepak Parwani which makes him different from all other designers is his entry into the GuinnessBook Of World Record. The World s largest Kurta 101 feet tall and 59 feet 3 inches wide in 2007. The Kurta made by Deepak Parwani  with help of teams of 50 hardworking and professional tailors with 30 days. Deepak Parwani is also famous for his cool and decent hand bags.



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