Wednesday, 28 May 2014


It is reality that Pakistan Fashion Industry is filled with so many talented and super male and female models. When we take about the super model one name should be on top of the list and that is SAIMA AZHAR. SAIMA AZHAR is a talented and well known model of Pakistan fashion industry. She is famous for her attitude and for her super personality. She looks like top Pakistani model named a AMINAH HAQ. Her features are very attractive as well as her walk on ramp. 

In 2012 she won the crown of Miss Photogenic at Veet Miss SuperModel contest. Till noe, She worked in so many shoots and fashion shows. As a super model, she walk on ramps of various fashion shows like PFDC and Pantene Bridal couture etc. SAIMA AZHAR is the combination of bold look features and talented model.Here are some picture of SAIMA AZHAR .

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