Friday, 13 June 2014


Al-Karam no doubt is number one women dress brand of Pakistan. It is one of the leading fabric manufacture which is a sort of any kind of fabric for any type of season. Al-Karam studio was fabulous idea by Al-Karam Textile. This studio has an aim to design unique and fantastic cloth for women and they fulfill the requirement of the modern generation. 
The Al-Karam Textile Factory was founded in 1986. There are a big list of companies of Al-Karam Group such as Al-Karam Textile Mills Private Limited, Amna Industries, Pakistan Synthetics and Sattar Private Limited. Al-Karam is a provider of best fabric in all over the world.Al-Karam is designing ready to wear, casual and embroidered ready to wear and bedding. There are more services includes in Al-Karam Textile Group:
1. Fabric manufacturing
2. Spinning
3. Weaving
4. Knitting
5. Dyeing and Printing of Woven and knitted fabric design
6. Cutting and stitching 

                        AL-KARAM MENS

                         AL-KARAM KNITTING

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